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Assessment Unit

Assessment Unit and Leadership Behavior Support

The Assessment Unit in LMDC works in cooperation with selective group of assessment experts from local and regional organizations to provide a full range of measuring tools and performance evaluation to ensure the leadership effectiveness and selection of team work in various fields and management levels, in order to support the decisions of the senior management and to assist decision-makers in the selection, recruitment and training of the future leaders and support their leadership behavior and retaining them, in addition to helping business organizations in succession planning and the development of perception of the career path and teams building according to their skills and abilities and also their merits in all stages from recruitment, selection, training and evaluating.


To be the leading and certified center for all business organizations in the Arab world in the field of performance evaluation and skill assessment.


To support the organizations in Egypt and the Arab world in performance evaluation and skill assessment.

Our Target:

  • Support senior management decisions
  • Assist decision makers in business organizations in the selection of future leaders and ultimately increase retention of top performing employees as well as support leadership behavior
  • Support organization of the work environment by attracting distinct elements to deal with the challenges and develop the talents of individuals which contribute to business development
  • Develop and serve communities in which we live in
  • Help business organizations in succession planning
  • Establish a vision for the career path
  • Build a harmonious work teams according to their skills and abilities

Our Strategy:

The skills and performance evaluation measurement process depends on measuring the candidate as an overall from different aspects like mental abilities, leadership and creative milestones and behavioral skills and professional interests then visualizing the career path of the employees in the organizations according to their skills, abilities and merit.

Working Methodology:

  1. Maintain objective assessment for individuals
  2. Identify workforce capabilities and strength points as well as the points needed to be developed
  3. Identify appropriate rate for each employee in his current job ( ensure appropriate functionality )
  4. Identify employees training needs in their existing jobs and linking it to the current training approach.
  5. Career planning , vocational and succession planning for individuals
  6. Proposal of appropriate personnel to work in the fields of business


  • Available in both Arabic and English.
  • Measure the capacity of job –related performance
  • Using easy methodology for asking questions that does not include graphics and photos
  • The only instrument that measures thinking methods – mental capacity – behavioral features – professional interests in one assessment.
  • The assessment is reliable and valid to assess the accuracy of the answers and its consistency with each other.
  • Assess the level of credibility and the answers coherence and also the candidate’s straightness

The expected outputs of the Psychometric process:

  • Individual reports
  • Recruitment and Selection reports
  • Succession Planning Report
  • Report on the suitable candidate for the job
  • Report on Job evaluation and standards
  • Reports on guiding and coaching for development and improvement of individuals.
  • Reports on proposed training needs.

Building Standard Reference / Job Patterns

Through the study of the company or industry or the objectives, benchmark is set to meet the goals of the organization by using one of the following methodologies:

  1. World Library Reference Standard ( 1200 style and functional )
  2. Field study of the industry ( survey )
  3. The current study for work to duplicate the best performance

Our Tools and integrated solutions

  • Skill Builder
  • Sales Indicator
  • Team Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Indicator
  • Organizational Management Analysis
  • Checkpoint 360 ° - Management System