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Master of Business Administration

  • K2_POWERED_BY: Cairo University


This program is designed to qualify middle and senior managers in companies, institutions and state agencies in all sectors and make them acquire modern managerial skills to improve the standards of performance in all sectors According to the scientific and research principles, with an emphasis on professional and applicable aspects.

Admission requirements:

  • University Graduate, applicant should have a bachelor of commerce from one of the Egyptian universities or its equivalent from another institute.
  • Non-commercial students, graduated from other faculties should take about (4 prerequisite courses) according to the program's council decisions.
  • A minimum of two years practical experience after graduation.
  • Successfully pass the English Language Test with minimum score of (450), from Cairo University, or the Amideast within one year from registration.

Required documents:

  • The admission application from the MBA department.
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Academic Transcript for non- commercials.
  • The accreditation certificate from the supreme council of universities for the applicant from other university not affiliated to the council.
  • 6 photos.
  • Position of the military statues for those under 30 years.
  • Updated c.v.
  • Certificate of 2 years' experience.
  • Copy of the birth certificate.
  • Copy of the ID card/ passport

Study Duration:

  • 2 years (18 month)/ four semesters).
  • Classes meet twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Program Structure:

  • The MBA Program study will be for two years divided to 4 semesters.
  • Total credit hours are 48, 10 core courses, 4 elective courses for the program.
Semester Curriculum Credit Hours
The First Year (core Courses)
1st Semester 4 Core Curriculums 12 hours
2nd Semester 4 Core Curriculums 12 hours
The Second Year( Major Courses)
3rd  Semester

2 Core Curriculums
2 Elective Specialized Curriculums

12 hours
4th Semester

2 Elective Specialized Curriculums
Research Project
Case studies and Seminar

12 hours
Total Credit Hours 48 credit hours

Pre-requisite Courses:

    • Essentials of Accounting
    • Essentials of Economics
    • Essentials of Business
    • Essentials of Statistics

Core Curriculums :

  • First Semester
    • Organization Behavior
    • Operations Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Marketing

  • Second Semester
    • Information System
    • Managerial Economics
    • Strategic Management
    • Management Accounting
  • Third Semester


    • Human Resources Management
    • Applied Research Methods
    • Tow Elective Courses


  • Fourth Semester
    • Proposal for the thesis in the Specialized Area
    • Cases, Readings and Seminar in the major areas of concentration
    • Tow Elective Courses

      Elective Curriculums :

Business Administration
S Courses


International Business Management


Organizational Development & Change


Entrepreneurship& Enterprise

 4. Quality Management


S Courses


Buyer Behavior


Marketing Research


Marketing Communications

 4. Sales Management

Service Marketing


Channel of Distribution Marketing


International Marketing


Finance and Investment
S Courses


Valuation of Financial Assets


Financial Analysis Assets


International Finance

 4. Derivatives Marketing

Advanced Corporate Finance


Theory of Financial Management

 7. In Financial Institution